Class Delivery


  • All Yoga Classes will be held live online on Zoom application. Mode of delivery will be Group unless otherwise specified in the program


  • Use one device for one ticket purchased and keep the cameras on for the teacher to supervise the practice


  • Our classes will be limited in size and registration or booking is subject to availability of seats. Only online registrations through our app or web portal allowed


  • English language will be used by the teacher to deliver instructions. However, most of the asana names will be called out in Sanskrit


  • Recording the class without prior consent of the teacher and the management is forbidden.

  • For the safety of our teachers and students, any disruptive or aggressive behavior will strictly not be tolerated. We expect you to understand, respect and adhere to the decorum of a class responsibly. Strict and necessary action will be taken based on the comfort and the judgement of the teacher who is conducting the class.

Class Package Policy

  • Students can buy classes in the form of various packages from single session to a pack of 12 sessions. Details of number of sessions & validity are available prior to booking the class

  • All payments to be done online at the time of booking only

  • No admission to the class will be allowed if the payment hasn’t been done prior to the class;

  • Classes for specific groups as mentioned in the program details (for example kids, Pre-natal or senior citizens) will necessarily be for the segment unless its specified if others can accompany the participants for supervision

Admission Policy

  • Management reserves the right to admit the participants in the class

  • If you are late for the class, the teacher may not admit you while the class is on so that the class for others is not disrupted. Please arrive on time

  • Refund Policy
    All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. No refunds allowed on No show for a class or an event

Health and Safety

  • Students need to ensure that the health declaration form is filled prior to the class. Consult a qualified medical practitioner prior to taking the classes

  • Our teachers will continuously monitor your progress and give guidance during the class. Since, this is an online only class, the teachers can supervise to the best of their abilities. we would urge you to be cautious during the practice & follow the instructions carefully

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not perform any activity which exceeds your limits or capabilities. And you hereby acknowledge that you understand and voluntarily accept the risks of injury involved in participating in the physical activities during the class

  • You hereby agree that Cityogini Inc,  its management and teachers will not be liable for any injury caused or arising out or in any way connected to the classes or events

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